Dear Ma

Thank you so much for enlightening me about ICT. I am a graduate of Peaklane College but during my years as a student, I was privileged to represent them for the girls-in-ict that took place in April, 2012 and my school emerged the winner. Ever since I have just had one goal and that is to pursue a Career in that line. Out of eight admissions with lots of scholarship in the US, I chose to attend Calvin College and I will be majoring in Electrical and Computer engineering starting this fall. I really appreciate your effort into encouraging the female child in the area of technology.

Thank you once again Ma.
Boluwatife Olayemi Olubukola
As a child growing up in the vast world of many uncertainties and primary Job roles of Engineers, Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers, and teachers, the thought of Information communication technology never came to mind as a means to gain traction in the world that we live in. the initiative of girls in ICT played a significant role in defining the way I see the world of technology and the many possibilities it helps to bring in our world. The first encounter I had with Technology was in 2018 career talk program from school. The choice of choosing a career path was an uncertain path and I wanted to be a lawyer with doubts. Through the talks that were given made it clear that even if I wanted to be a lawyer this Tech thing would be something I would want to do in my life if not permanently but at least for a bit. Growing through senior secondary school and finally in the time of Jamb Law seized to be an option and being a girl to be in the line of Tech took the lead. This was an awesome and an enlightening experience for me as a first timer. It was the topic of thought for a long time. To participate in creating such massive creativity and innovation, the Tech space began to attract me. As a lover of both the media and the technology industry, I decided to study ISMS (Information Science and Media Studies). It allows me to maintain my love for films and entertainment and improve my programming, animation, image manipulation, Data analysis, Date presentation and presentation, Data security, software development, and other fields of technology. As a paramount benefactor of this creative, it is a recommendation that girls be invested in the technology aspect of the world to break the idea that it is a “men-dominated world”. Technology is a vast space with different branches and possibilities not leaving out the large license to create things according to your idea. I would forever appreciate the exposure to this aspect of knowledge creation and actualization that was opened to me by the invention of the program as well as reaching out to those who need the light due to limited resources available to them.
Mensah Christiana Olugbemisola