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Girls in ICT Campaign

This event is knit with the International Girls in ICT Day campaign, geared at encouraging young girls to delve into the careers related to ICT and Engineering. Held on or around the 4th Thursday in April every year, the event highpoints the need for young girls to choose careers that will see them contributing effectively to the future development of their country and environment under ICT.

The event allows them know, discuss and ask questions about career paths related to STEM, thereby making informed decisions for their future.


eBusiness Life has been partnering with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) from the global front. Also, we have partnered with regulatory bodies, including the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), among others, to ensure girls are drawn towards ICT careers and enlightenment. We also partner with government and private organisations to deliver these benefits to the girl child in Nigeria. Some of our consistent partners are MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Inq Digital Nigeria, and VDT Communications Limited, among others. These partners had been consistent in this campaign, and have received awards in this regard.


Every year, students from different schools are brought together under the eBusiness Life IGICT to go through various competitions, usually split in two - STEM Quiz competition and ICT Practical (hands-on) competition.
Winning schools and students are Awarded plaques and prices. Participating schools and students are also awarded certificate of participation.


Participants at the eBusiness Life Girls in ICT event are taken for field trips to partner organisations to give them a hands-on experience of what working in such establishments in the future may feel like. These ICT organisations include products and services firms in the software, hardware and data transmission sectors of the economy.

At the companies, the girls are taken through production processes, mentorship forum and technical explanations of services by the organisations.


As a way of ensuring that students get a firm grip of STEM and skills such as Graphic Design, Robotics, AI, and more, eBusiness Life periodically takes the students on training sessions prior to International Girls in ICT Day event.


We, at eBusiness Life, plan on pushing the campaign to states in Nigeria by encouraging and engaging states to host these campaigns to sensitise young girls in these states.

Help us create a thriving ecosystem for girls