Who We Are

The Birth

In 2012, a seasoned journalist and a woman who is passionate about empowering young girls to do and be more in the field of ICT, decided to create a platform that will walk towards achieving this goal, which has become very obvious in Nigeria.

She is Mrs. Ufuoma Emuophedaro.

The birth of the eBusiness Girls in ICT campaign in Nigeria stems from the realisation that this same quest to arm the Nigerian girl with tools to ensure that she climbs to the peak of any ICT-related career, as far as her dreams can carry her, was bolstered by the realization that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), an arm of the United Nations had launched a similar vision as a global campaign.

This gave birth to the campaign tagged, eBusiness International Girls in ICT Day Celebration, an annual campaign that brings together young girls, in senior secondary 1 (SS1), an equivalent of Grade 10, with the purpose of educating them on the choices they have in STEM-related fields and the career path it could lead to, while also enlightening them on the need to jettison the age-long gender bias that had held the female gender down and made them shy away from ICT and Engineering-related careers.

The key purpose of choosing girls in SS1 is because this is the class from where they choose their career paths. So, they need to be adequately informed.

The eBusiness Life International Girls in ICT campaign introduces participating girls from different schools in Nigeria to technical competitions, STEM quiz competitions, mentorship opportunities and facility excursions. These crops of young girls are taught to also propagate the campaign messages to other young girls.

eBusiness Life Communication Limited, organisers of the campaign, partners with corporate organisations and companies in the public and private space, including the countries regulators, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), to organise the annual event where speakers, mentors and facilitations and brought is from different sub-sectors of the ICT industry, to mentor and encourage the girls.

Over the years, there have been testimonies of the impact this campaign has had on young participants, in their quest to get a future-certain career.

Since its inception in 2012, the eBusiness Life Girls in ICT campaign have recorded remarkable impacts and have hosted top Nigeria female speakers.

The campaign by eBusiness Life and its partners will continue, and will expand into states and rural communities where more young girls need to know the career paths available to them, which will place them ready for the future.

Some Activities

Girls in ICT Campaign

This event is knit with the International Girls in ICT Day campaign, geared at encouraging young girls to delve into the careers related to ICT and Engineering.


eBusiness Life has been partnering with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) from the global front. Also, we have partnered with regulatory bodies...


Every year, students from different schools are brought together under the eBusiness Life IGICT to go through various competitions, usually split in two - STEM Quiz competition and ICT Practical (hands-on) competition.

We’re here to support girls

We set goals and we plan to reach them, and have devised primary focus areas to help girls enter STEAM fields and become successful in these careers.

We exist to eliminate the gender gap in tech

Global Partners